It's Nesting Season

goldfich nest

By April, nesting season is well underway for year-round North Carolina birds such as the Brown-headed Nuthatch, Chickadees, Cardinals, Robins, Mockingbirds, Hawks, Owls, and Eastern Bluebirds. When May arrives, keep an eye out for tropical migratory birds, including Warblers, Wood Thrush, and Gray Catbird.  Become a community ornithologist this spring and support the next generation of local birds by taking specific steps to observe.

Safely Monitor Nests:

Watch for and follow birds collecting things like twigs and leaves. As you're cleaning your yard consider leaving a few piles of yard debris. Many bird species build nests with dirt, twigs, leaves, fur, and weeds,

Once nests are built, look and listen for male birds as they sing to mark their territory.

When eggs hatch, adults will make frequent trips to and from the nest to find food for the young.

As you observe, be conscious and try to minimize disturbance. Try to observe nests in the afternoon, since most birds lay their eggs in the morning. Do not approach nests that have young birds close to fledgling, as they may try to leave the nest prematurely.

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